An interesting conversation (horse-riding journal 7)

This is a journal-like exercise pertaining to a 14 h horse-back trail ride, in a region of hills and mountains, between 800 m and 2300 m altitude,  a total of 58 km, in spring time, in a team of 14 individuals: 7 riders and 7 horses.

Hope you enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed the ride and we invite you to tag along in one of the Haidook Experiences opened to the public.

Here is the seventh „chapter”. The previous one is here  The rest will follow shortly. 

The most interesting conversation we had was about… God. Not because we are particularly religious individuals, but because one of the guys asked a desperate question pertaining to the fog: “From where does God look at us? I want to face Him when I ask Him to lift up the fog, only for one hour.”

The funny part was that the wind was quite strong at that time and although we were on a break and standing still, we only heard the first part, the question.

Then the answers started to be expressed. The first one was “from within. God looks at you from within you”. The second one was “from above”. We all agreed the first one was the more insightful one.

Then, the person who started it continued to wander “what would happen if I had my back turned to Him?”. And the answer took no time to arrive: “You would probably get a kick in your rear!”.

Practicality at its best!  No further comments needed after this powerful insight.

PS: If you’re wondering whether the fog made way to the sun, the answer is „only for the minutes where it really mattered”.