Extreme activities with your significant other (horse-riding journal 11)

This is a journal-like exercise pertaining to a 14 h horse-back trail ride, in a region of hills and mountains, between 800 m and 2300 m altitude,  a total of 58 km, in spring time, in a team of 14 individuals: 7 riders and 7 horses.

Hope you enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed the ride and we invite you to tag along in one of the Haidook Experiences opened to the public.

Here is the last “chapter”. The previous one can be found here  https://madalinavintu.ro/2019/06/25/size-matters-blades-fallen-trees-horse-riding-journal-10/    

On this team, there were also 2 other very special micro-teams: I had my significant other on the team and 2 of the other riders are brothers.

On my side, I can say it is extremely rewarding to be part of such adventures together with my life partner. For us, the story is even more important because we met in a riding center, due to our interest in riding activities.

Telling the story of an adventure is one thing, living it together is another. As individuals we each experience reality according to our inner structures of temperament, personality and personal history. Thus, even if we are in the same time in the same activity, we still have very different perceptions about self, others and the overall surroundings. In a trail ride, because we rode in a line, what the first part of the group experiences sometimes significantly differs than what the second part of the group feels and sees. He rode in the first part of the group, I rode on the second.

Upon our return we had a lot of fun reconstructing the experience, blending in the recall of various conversations, sights and feelings. On the other hand, we need not tell much of a story, because we were both there.

I feel these common experiences, especially if they are on the adventure side, tend to build a universe which is uniquely “ours” and which evolves over time. We need not explain too much if we refer to this or that which happened on this trail ride or other times we were doing things together. It builds on what we do together more than what we have together.